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The only downside is that there is not a 6th star in the rating system and I can only give you 5

Oh, these comments...
You're not David Firth. You're your own thing, and I like it.
It's quickly becoming my favourite animated series on Newgrounds. I love your sense of esthetic and I really hope to see more from you in the future <3

PointedTree responds:

Thankyou much, I really appreciate it.
There shall be more

That ending was the most fitting ha-ha-ha there could be.
I'm sooo glad I discovered you through that music video of yours...
Jus the right kind of bodily stuff that gets my eyes glimmering...
I am really looking forward to see more of you ;)

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Zombies aren't really a danger + the visuals get repetitive quickly. Maybe more types of zombies? Some shooting enemies, maybe? Or some fast running ones? Or some death elevators that you have to board in a specific time or get off of them in time? And maybe a different background for some stages would help. It's cool at times, but it's nothing special as of now. Keep going, though :3

FerTheDripGuy responds:

Hi notabla, i would create another zombie, but its gonna make you rage

Nice game; it employs a good mix of requiring both luck and skill and beating it was certainly one of the most difficult things I've done today (the final boss didn't die, but I survived with 5 HP anyway), as it's also mercilessly difficult. I'm really digging the random, semiroguelite-ish aspects of the game; making you choose how's the wave gonna be and not knowing which tower you'll be getting add to the overall experience and pushes your game as a fresh & new thing in an otherwise overdone formula of TD. The graphics & sounds are nice, too ;)
Edit: after the update, I can no longer say that it's mercilessly difficult (yeah, I kinda came in here just to brag that I went through the whole thing again, but now without losing a single hit point >:]). Still fun, though.

0:48 >:)
I could've shaven off a few extra seconds in the last stage, but I doubt I'd beat 0:42 and get to the all-time leaderboard, so I'm settling for now ^.^'

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If you want to try this concept in a real game, then Famicom's already got your back with 1991's Cocoron :P
It's a platformer in which you could just make your abomination using different body parts with different stats and then go on a platformer adventure. Check it out; you won't be disappointed ^.^
Oh, and cool art, as usual :D

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